Wiccan Discrimination in Modern Times

We’ve all had that nagging interest to try out some form of magic out of sheer curiosity. Movies and TV programs have depicted numerous creatures from folklore that practice magic. But did you know that “witches” and “warlocks” do exist among the rest of us?

They’re mostly practitioners of Wicca and don’t worry, they’re not actually bad people despite the fact that they have the ability to cast spells and create magic. One of the most common questions that come out of people’s mouths when they hear this is usually, “Do their spells really work?” and the usual, “Aren’t Wiccans in line with the devil?”

What you must understand about Wicca is that they focus more on the elements of nature. In some form or another, similar to paganism, but different in so many ways—and very, very far from the expectations of people that they’re “dark” people.

There has been prejudice against those who practice the Wiccan and Pagan culture, especially from those who are unaware of what really goes on during their meetings. The assumptions made about how they worship the devil are incorrect and actually quite insulting for some of them, hence their desire to keep to themselves.

They believe in a God and a Goddess that brings life and blessings to those who honor and obey their codes of conduct. And just like with other religions, they make use of candles and incense during their ceremonies.

One of the most famous examples of prejudice against pagans was the Salem Witch Trials in the 17th century. Every person who was suspected of practicing witchcraft was automatically sent to the gallows to be executed via hanging. The reason for this is the lack of awareness by the people during that time, as Christianity was the main religion of most citizens of Salem.

Currently, the main culprit for the discrimination against them are brought upon by other religions and mainstream media that shed negative light on their practices. People automatically associate witches with black magic and can hex you into becoming a frog if they think you’re going against them.

The same cannot be said for current witches. It is strongly discouraged by Wiccan priests and priestesses to use their rituals and blessings to cause harm to others. Most of them only cast these spells in order to improve their situations or to send out good energy to their loved ones.

And to answer the question if their spells work or not: it depends on who’s casting it and what their real intentions are. Even the most experienced priest or priestess in their covens have a hard time determining if things will really work, as their spells really take time and effort for the caster. They can even create amulets for protection against bad elements or something that can attract more luck for them.

There is no saying with how things work for the Wiccan culture, but it’s important to know that people shouldn’t discriminate upon those who they think are different from the rest. Spirituality and religion is still a sensitive topic for the rest of us, however, a person’s kindness should never be defined by his or her upbringing and religion.