What’s Your Nature?

Short Story:
There is one monk that keeps trying to save this one scorpion from the running water despite the fact that it keeps trying to bite him.  One man saw what he is doing, so he stopped and asked the monk…
MAN: Why do you keep saving the scorpion, even though it keeps trying to bite you?
The monk replied…
MONK: It is the nature of this scorpion to bite, and it is my nature to help.

Spiritual Awareness

Life is beautiful, and yet poverty, greed, war, and anger are all around us.  How can we see that life is beautiful when you are under siege? When you don’t have food to feed your children? When your parents were shot dead in front of you? When you were sexually harassed away from home?

It is harder to see its beauty when you look at yourself as a victim; it is not your nature to become a victim all your life. It is how you see the world that makes you a winner.  I would like to share one personal experience that might give everyone something to reflect on.

One time, I went to buy something at a local retail store.  In Asia, retail stores are everywhere and that time it was packed so I have to wait for my turn.  A middle aged man was in front of me and when it was his turn, the sales lady asked, “How may I help you?”  The man softly replied, “Just a pack of instant noodles” and he handed her his coins.  The lady counted his coins and said, “I’m so sorry but the instant noodles is already 6 pesos[$.15 cents] (it was 5 one peso coins that he handed, the price of what it was a day ago)”, she handed him back his money and he left.

I was stunned, I won’t forget that night and up until now it taught me a lesson to help whenever I can.  I thought, that noodles might just be his meal or maybe his whole family’s, but because he doesn’t have another peso, they would have to skip a meal for that day, and I was there! I didn’t do anything! I could have given him another peso, I thought I was there at that time so I can do something to help but I didn’t.  My heart was broken that night, I let myself down of not doing what’s the right thing to do and I couldn’t bear how I let someone starve that time when I could have done something to help.

Yet, it was a lesson learned.  That every time I am in front of situation where I can help, I jump right in without questions.  The man didn’t know how he touched my life and how I changed because of that night.  He was an angel, but still, I let him starve that night.

In this world, it wasn’t just greed.  Most of the time it is Fear that was conditioned to us by the society, for not trusting people, for not talking to strangers, and we get by to our day-to-day lives thinking this is how to be safe.  How about these people who would not ask for help even if they really need it?  Do you know that it is hard for most people to ask for help? And when they finally do, what happened? They get rejected, some people doubt their intentions because of those who mislead and trick people, some people would even judge or worse…say hurtful words and still leave them hanging.

Life is beautiful.  We should trust one another, love each other.  Despite all the deceitful deeds out there that rooted from helplessness and rejection, we should not forget that we all have emotions and feelings that know how to care and love.  That if all the intentions are good, then all should turn out well.