Why there is such a difference between a Relationship Versus Religion

With all the chaos going on in the world, it’s no wonder so many people go after something called religion. They are looking for comfort, peace, something that tells them things will be all right. A bit of self-assurance when so many things in the world are messed up, cold-hearted and don’t make sense. But what people are missing out on is the relationship they could get with God. People generally think of Christianity as a religion. Religion means people are looking for something. When someone is Christian, they are building a relationship with Jesus.

Those who follow a religion are going after something. Seeking comfort from someone or something. Those who know about the relationship you have with Jesus realize there is a spiritual connection that you let in, not continue to chase after. It’s hard to have a relationship with Jesus these days. You can be part of the world knowing that there are many things you’re not supposed to be involved in. Those living a life with any portion of promiscuity, greed, violence, debt, divorce and much more fall in that category. Divorce and debt are common, but you’re certainly not supposed to get stuck in it. And if you do, you have the relationship with God to help you find a way to work through your marriage. We’re living in a world that almost encourages you to take the easy way out and end your marriage.
One answer many people of faith have is to pray for the many issues facing our world and beyond. We’re lucky to have the freedom to feed that relationship with Jesus by praying and worshipping Jesus. In so many other countries you’re not legally allowed to do that. People get mad at God for all the sad, horrible things that happen everyday both in the states and in other countries. But when you look at all of the things people selfishly do, you have to wonder if maybe God is giving us pieces of discipline for veering so far away from what he wanted his people to be like. Not very many people see the negative things in life this way. Many are too busy blaming God.

Things going on in this world might be a little less difficult if we weren’t so adamant about kicking God to the curb. It’s ironic how when some disasters strike and people become desperate, they cry out for God and are literally almost listening for him. When ever I hear about the divorce rate climbing I think, oh my God is gonna give us an earth quake or some sort of small disaster to get our attention. It never fails. If there isn’t some sort of incident going on in the states, there is an earthquake going on in another country. God is talking in one of the clearest ways he can. Many of us are just too stubborn to listen and simply continue to ignore him. We’re lucky we can have that relationship with Jesus and worship with other believers.