Maqui Berry

Maqui Berry is a fruit which is known to be packed with large amounts of powerful antioxidants which no other fruit in the world is known to possess. Maqui Berry which thrives in the harsh climates of Patagonia region of Chile has numerous health benefits. No wonder it is called a super fruit.

We are all familiar with the word antioxidants, but have no clue about how useful they are in building our body immunity. Antioxidants are those substances that protect our cells from getting damaged by unbalanced molecules like free radicals. Free radicals damage our body tissues and cells; this in turn causes the cells to age prematurely. This weakens the immunity level of our body thus exposing us to deadly illnesses like cancer and heart attack. Antioxidants play the role of stabilizing free radicals and prevent further damage.

Maqui berry enhances our immune system and increases strength and stamina. As compared to red wine maqui berry contains 10 times more of polyphenols and 100 times more of santhocyanins. The presence of such high level of these elements makes the berry counteract numerous ailments. Calcium, iron, vitamin C and potassium are also present in good amounts in this berry. This super fruit is therefore commonly consumed to aid healthy aging. Its miracle properties also provide extra protection to the skin from harmful rays of the sun.

The antioxidants present in this super fruit neutralize the free radicals and prevent damage to the body. It is also supposed to protect the body cells from oxidative stress and rejuvenate them.

The anti-inflammatory properties present in maqui berry also benefit the joints and bones of the body and help thwart painful arthritis. It also increases flow of blood and propels healthy cardiovascular conditions.

Our body needs antioxidants to get rid of free radicals which damage our cell membranes and DNA. To stay healthy it is important to consume something that contains all the vital elements that our body needs. The solution to this problem lies in consuming maqui berry for its high antioxidant properties help the body to detox naturally and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.