Violence Kills Thousands Every Year

Among different regions in the world which are experiencing terrorist activity every year, the one in the forefront is Pakistan. In this country the fact that terrorist violence kills thousands every year is indeed sad but true. India does accuse Pakistan of supporting terrorists to cause disturbance in the border areas with India and in Kashmir but it is a fact that Pakistan itself has been experiencing the ill effects of terrorism primarily from the Taliban who have set their base particularly in the northwest area near Afghanistan, especially in the Swat Valley. In fact, things had reached such a point that the Taliban was holding almost complete sway over the Swat Valley and the Pakistan Government was finding it difficult to establish law and order in this region, particularly.

Pakistan was supporting the Taliban and other terrorist groups which were fighting for an independent Kashmir but with the passage of time, these terrorist groups have become very powerful. Arms sale to Pakistan have made these terrorists groups well-equipped due to theft and corruption. The Pakistani Government now finds it difficult to rein in these groups and these groups have been committing various bomb attacks with impunity especially in the Punjab province of Pakistan resulting in many fatalities. Scenes of crying young children and families have now become a common feature. Things have reached such a point that scarcely a day passes when there is no bomb attack in Pakistan resulting now with the population getting fed up with the government’s complacency. More recently citizens have been protesting against the Pakistan Government to get them to do anything to deal with this growing problem. They see these terrorist groups claiming to be Muslims like most others in Pakistan, but they do not wish the actions of these groups to define them.

To further demonstrate the great lengths to which this violence has affected Pakistan, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which used to be formerly known as the North West frontier province, shopkeepers have started selling a range of soaps and detergents with names such as Kalashnikov, Pistol, Barood (which means gunpowder), Akhri Goli (which means Last Bullet), etc. By giving such names to their products the manufacturers are claiming that just as the Kalashnikov and Barood wipe out their intended victims, so also their soaps and detergents will wipe out almost every stain such as bloodshot marks from the clothes.

This is just one of many indicator to show how violence has pervaded the lives of people. Just to give a further idea of the amount of violence that is taking place in Pakistan. In the first six months of the year 2010 alone, about four thousand three hundred and fifty people have already lost their lives only due to terrorist attacks. This is unacceptable and something must be done to address this growing trend towards endless violence and death. Muslims across the world must stand with those who seek peace and prosperity to demand governments all over to stop funding and supporting these people who seek only to destroy precious lives.