I Am The Greatest – Rocket Yourself To Success By Discovering Your Own I Am Principle Now!

Everyone’s heard the saying “be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.” Yes, there are a few variations of how you may have heard it but the reason it’s been around so long I.E. thousands of years is that it’s based on a principle of truth.

Mohamed Ali had it right when he would proclaim “I Am The Greatest” he was practicing the most potent self empowerment principle in the universe, the I Am principle.

There is a simple technique that will propel you to success in any area of life that you choose. Yes, any area! If you’re looking for success in sports as Mohamed proved or success in money, love, relationships, self empowerment or even fly fishing the age old secrets you’re about to discover will literally propel you like a rocket ship  towards your goals.

The Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Speak

I Am are the two most powerful words in the universe because whatever follows them if you believe it without doubt or reservation you shall sooner or later become in actual deed.

The I Am principle’s power within your mind is nearly unimaginable. Let’s look at Mohamed Ali as an example because nearly everyone has heard of his mantra or seen video footage of him repeating it or even heard the song that it inspired called “I Am The Greatest.”

Here you have a man who came from unimaginable circumstances and became not just the greatest boxer of his time but an Icon so powerful he transcended race and religion. He inspired a generation and is still a massive source of inspiration for millions to this day.

How did he overcome such odds? What was it that truly made him so special?

Yes, he had some boxing skills but that wasn’t it.

It was his unshakeable belief in himself. He literally followed his I Am mantra to greatness. He truly believed he was the greatest boxer of all time and repeated the phrase continuously. It was this mental conditioning that made him great.

He believed it with such passion and conviction that he literally willed it into existence.

And this is exactly what you can do as well.

What’s more powerful, you saying I’m going to try and climb that small hill over there or saying I Am going to climb that small hill over there? Well, of course it’s the latter of the two. You have just made a pact with yourself and the universe that you are going to do it and not just try.

If you’re like most people you’ve likely seen the Star Wars movie where Luke Skywalker meets Yoda. And as you know Yoda says “Do or do not, there is no try.” This statement has amazing meaning and value for you.

Years ago I removed the word TRY from my vocabulary, I no longer use it in reference to myself. Why? Because when you look up the full unabridged meaning of the word one of the parts of its definition says ‘to admit the possibility of failure before one begins’. That is not something I want to state about myself and you shouldn’t either. Your words have power. Use them wisely.

How To Use I Am To Bring About Change In Your Life

I Am is the most powerful mantra of belief known so be very careful how you use it. I knew a girl who always said to others “I Am just white trash.” Well, despite always complaining about it she was never able to get out of that trailer park and eventually became a shell of her former self.

Don’t follow your I Am statement with negative words or thoughts because it has equal power to lead you towards the dark side (sorry couldn’t help the continuing Star Wars reference).

Only follow I Am with what it is you truly want to become. Let’s say that you want to be a Fireman or a Nurse, a Teacher or a Nun it’s all up to you as these are your goals not mine.

Let’s say for this example you want to become a teacher or already are a teacher. To become one you would repeat many times per day with unshakable belief in your words “I Am becoming the greatest teacher of all time.” If you already are a teacher you would repeat many times per day with unshakable belief in your words “I Am the greatest teacher of all time.”

It Is What You Shall Become

Whatever you say after the words I Am, should you believe it without reservation or doubt, you shall sooner or later become!