Looking Deeper Into Common Core Standards

There are those conspiracies that are perpetuated and covered up by the right, and those that are carried out by the left. However, truly monumental conspiracies that target the American people have supporters on both sides. That’s what we’re looking at with Common Core Standards, supported by a versatile group of people including the Gates family, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.

Common Core Standards are a federal set of education standards that every single student should be able to meet at various age points. Sounds great, right? Think about this, then—every single student learning only what the federal government has deemed important, with materials provided by the federal government. Scary thought, especially when we don’t know what the federal government will deem important in the years that come.

When you look past the shiny, fun idea that “every kid should be smart!”, the facts behind Common Core Standards are scary. Having education goals owned by one entity sets education up as something to be bought and sold. Education is a right—no child should have to be subject to whatever big corporation believes they should know. At its root, Common Core Standards are set up to dumb down our nation’s kids and make them compliant in whatever those in power want them to do.

Unfair Expectations

One of the ways that Common Core Standards is designed to make people fail is the unfair expectations it places on people—both on teachers and on students. Imagine that you’re a teacher working in a community that is full of drug-addicted parents. These parents may or may not send their kids to school on a regular basis. Should you be penalized because a child who only comes to school 50% of the time doesn’t know everything they should?

Now, pretend you’re a child who learns better through hands-on manipulation of games and objects that help you learn. However, your teacher doesn’t have time to indulge everyone in how they learn best. They teach from the textbook, because that’s the quickest way to pack in all the information that needs to get packed in.
As Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Selling and Buying Education

As Common Core Standards become a required part of public education, the marketplace will be full of people selling workbooks and lesson plans that are “up to Common Core Standards.” Who is going to win that battle? Those with the most money, of course.

Now, it shouldn’t matter whether the materials provider that wins this battle has children’s best interests at heart or if they want to teach kids rote memorization of math facts that don’t teach them a thing about math. What matters is that the education of our country’s future will be entirely in the hands of one big group.

If free choice matters at all to you, that  is a scary future.