Pearl Harbor Bombings: Roosevelt’s Excuse to Spark WWII?

The conspiracy surrounding the Pearl Harbor bombings is considered to be the mother of all conspiracies—and a plausible one at that. Why is there even a conspiracy surrounding one of the biggest events that sparked World War II?

It’s been speculated that President Roosevelt already knew about Japan’s plans to attack the United States. But why didn’t he do anything to prevent it from happening?

People have said that President Roosevelt “forgot” to inform the commanders stationed in Hawaii that Japan is planning to attack. He needed the attack to happen so Hitler can be coerced into declaring war against the United States, as everybody was against the idea of going into war against Europe. It was Roosevelt’s plan to subtly start a war without being blamed for any of it.

The US Navy intercepted messages from the Japanese that submarines and carriers from Japan were already nearing the Marshall Islands, with others still left in East Asia. The reports that they intercepted regarding Marshall Islands were a way to direct their attention away the main target: Pearl Harbor.

A day after they received the reports about the Marshall Islands, another one came through their feed. They were sent a warning that a country in Southeast Asia will be aggressively attacked, leading the Navy further away from Pearl Harbor.

By 1940, the US was able to decode the secret messages sent to and from Japan. With so many messages intercepted, wouldn’t they have enough knowledge about Japan’s plans on causing massive damage to one of the US’ major military bases during that time? The White House didn’t just know about the attack, it also knew when the attack was going to happen.

A day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a message was sent to San Francisco and Manila, stating that something was going to happen at one o’clock. The message was supposedly never sent to Hawaii on time, as they were experiencing technical difficulties. By the time the message got relayed, the attack had already happened on Pearl Harbor.

Roosevelt turned a blind eye towards concerns of military commanders about the whereabouts of Japanese aircraft carriers. Being the president, he was fully knowledgeable of the content of every message that has been intercepted from Japan. He continued ignoring more messages, stating that they are a democracy and a peaceful people.

There were numerous evidences pointing towards the possibility that if Japan attacks the US, Germany would declare war on the US. Roosevelt was well aware that his biggest enemy is Germany, not Japan. Another thing that might make this theory possible is that no American aircraft carrier was damaged during the attack. Roosevelt had pulled them all out prior to the bombings.

He knew about the attack and he wanted it to happen, but with the least damage as possible. Roosevelt knew that he was well liked by the public. He thought that it made him invincible. The public believed that declaring war was the right thing to do, as the US was attacked first. Roosevelt succeeded in manipulating the minds of the American masses during World War II.