New World Order Conspiracy Theories

There are many theories that are circulating around and one tends to wonder if they are real. Some of the events that happen and are connected to the new world order make some people think it is all true. Many people balance the US government for the wars, inflation, failing economy and unexplained deaths. There is not a definitive way of accusing them directly and in many occasions, they end up as speculations with no form of proof.

What is the new world order?

The new world order is believed to be the system where all the operations of the world are under one control. One major body sees all the operations of the world and controls it. This is like a script they have written and have to be followed. You will find they control all the reserves of the bank, areas that have minerals and direct world leaders on the duties they shall conduct. This is believed to be the force behind all nations.

The impact it has on the economy

The new world order will control the economy. It is suspected they hold all the assets of the world and will control it the way they like. This is the reason for the unexplained money trades, inflation, and huge budgets. Some of the nations that do not obey to their rules will not get the funding. You tend to wonder how some of the humanitarian projects are funded, or the soldiers of war to get their funding. This is seen to be the central reserve for all financial operations of the world.

Humanitarian organizations

Most of the humanitarian organizations are blending for starting wars and diseases. Once they accomplish their mission, the humanitarian organizations will act fast and come up with the solutions. Some will connect those organizations to devil worship since they always bring bad luck. Many people tend to wonder why these organizations claim to help but there is so much trouble, and suffering in all the areas they are located.

Masonic symbols

There are different Masonic symbols used by soldiers, humanitarian organizations, presidents, and religious leaders. It is believed that all who follow these rules will always have this representation. This is believed to be the reason behind the creation of the chip to be used by the Americans soon in order for one to access medical records and bank accounts.

Oppression of the people

In order to make people be obedient and follow the rule of law, the new world order will oppress the people. They are the first ones to come up with the solution in order to cheat citizens they are assisting. The nations, which accept their help, will always be under their control. This is why there is so much hate all over the globe due to tension and wars.
There are many leads that cam the new world order is real and happening currently. This is seen as the ultimate controller of the world, and it has many powers, which will control the entire universe. However, it is hard to prove some of these details even though some of them are clear signs there are a controlled leadership.