Is Obama Aiming to Become President for Life?

Every time a new president takes an oath and settles at The White House, conspiracy theories are always expected to surface. There’s nothing surprising about any that fact, but some of them can get quite alarming.

One of the most recent ones to come out is that President Barack Obama has employed the help of “death squads” who will eliminate defenders of the 2nd Amendment. This is highly attributed to the news that the president is planning on becoming “president for life” of the United States, which is prohibited by the Constitution.

In order for him to get a permanent presidential seat, he must first ensure that American people won’t revolt against him. He will have to get rid of the 2nd Amendment—aka the right to keep and bear arms—before he confiscates firearms owned by private individuals. This is only justified further with the recent debates regarding gun control in America.

The debates started immediately after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that resulted in the death of 20 schoolchildren and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut. Some even suggest that the shooting was purposely done so that Obama can finally have a reason to take away guns from owners and make it harder for the public to personally buy them in the future. The recent Navy Yard shooting also adds fuel to the fire, as this only heated up the debates about gun laws further.

Theorists have stated that Obama has organized groups whose job is to hunt down and assassinate the defenders of the 2nd Amendment, specifically the high profile ones such as Arnold Swarchzenegger and Ted Nugent.

Allegedly, the information regarding these death squads came from Russian intelligence reports. These reports contain information such as Obama referring to these people as his VIPER (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) teams, headed by the TSA, or technically, the people who pat you down before and after you land at American airports.

Around 800 of these teams have been supposedly organized all over the country and may have been terminating some targets since February 2013, with two prime targets dying since the start of this year. One of these targets was Keith Ratliff, a YouTube personality who has videos involving detonation of explosives and people shooting firearms uploaded on his channel. His body was found on top of a pile of guns inside his very own gun range and with a single shot to his temple. Authorities have ruled his mysterious death as a homicide.

Despite the facts and figures presented by theorists, there is no denying that there’s one flaw to the President Obama’s plan of putting the eradication of the 2nd Amendment into action. Forcibly confiscating and keeping firearms from private individuals directly violates the 4th Amendment—unlawful search and seizure.

Whatever the outcome is, there is no denying that the debates regarding gun control will only attract more theories regarding President Obama’s real reason as to why he’s determined to put this into action. Whether it’s to protect American people or to rule over them for the rest of his life—only time can tell.