Citizen Sacrifice

Giant, slowing-spinning, wind turbines stand sentinel over the Laurel Summit in southwestern Pennsylvania with a spectacular view of rolling farmland and the blue ridge mountains.  They may have also been witness to a government conspiracy on September 11, 2001.

Several conspiracy theories about that tragic day have been formulated and debunked, after all, no one wants to imply that our heroes weren’t heroes, and certainly, no one wants to believe that our government is capable of collateral damage and probably felt it would be more economical to build a monument in a field than it would be to rebuild the monuments of Washington, D.C.

Andrews Air Force Base is less than 200 miles away and a missile-carrying F-16 would take only minutes to arrive in Pennsylvania, track Flight 93, determine the least populated area to take it down, and pull the trigger.

Witnesses to this event will remain nameless because of the possibility of harassment, but let’s call them Nina and Tom.

Nina lives in Shanksville, a couple miles from the crash site.  On September 13, 2001, she reported that although she was in Greensburg (about an hour away) when she heard a plane had gone down in Somerset County, when she arrived at her home, there were FBI agents inside her house.  They advised her to keep the dogs inside so that they did not eat the human remains in her yard.  There were also body parts on her roof.  She lived a couple miles from the crash site.  She also reported that a relative, who owned the nearby Indian Lake Campground said that the “majority” of the plane was in the lake.   The windows of her children’s school were also “blown out.”

I will let you contemplate the physics of “body parts” bouncing a few miles and why we have not heard of this phenomena at other crash sites, as well as why the Flight 93 Memorial, while in the same vicinity as Indian Lake, is nowhere near the water.

Tom, our other witness, was at work and listening to the radio.  A caller to the local radio station in Pittsburgh said, “I watched them shoot that plane out of the sky.”  The radio station went off the air for several minutes at that point.

I will let you contemplate the reasons why a radio station would shut itself off after a caller reported something like that.

The final witness is the wind-turbine itself, or perhaps a better term would be “landmark.” Shanksville is a small town, in a rural farm community. The closest FBI office is in Pittsburgh about 70 miles from Somerset.  The Somerset exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which is surely the way the FBI agents came,  is an additional 20 minutes from Shanksville over twisting, unmarked roads.  Even with a GPS, which are notoriously unreliable in rural areas, how did the FBI get to people’s houses so fast?  As Nina had agents in her house, other agents were surely dispatched to other homes.   How could so many FBI agents arrive so quickly at someone’s house in such a rural area in less than an hour unless they had a landmark to guide them?  Did the pilot radio in to report the site of the wreckage and used the wind turbines that stand 215 feet tall, as a landmark?

I will let you contemplate that for yourself.  The passengers of Flight 93 are not only heroes, they are martyrs and their families are victims.  Perhaps they were wrestling with the hijackers and perhaps they would have been successful in bringing them down without government intervention.  We will never know.