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    A Case for GMO Labeling

    You’ve probably heard of GMOs in some capacity by now, especially if you’re from California. A call for GMO labeling has been the new movement [...]

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    Honor Killings informs that in many parts of the world, such as in Africa, the Muslim world, in some parts of India some fanatics’ still uphold [...]

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    Clean Water versus Holy Water

    For two years, I worked as a community development volunteer for Peace Corps in Costa Rica. My job was to meet with community organizations to [...]

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    Citizen Sacrifice

    Giant, slowing-spinning, wind turbines stand sentinel over the Laurel Summit in southwestern Pennsylvania with a spectacular view of rolling farmland and the blue ridge mountains.  [...]

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    Mother Nature’s Love

    When I was a little boy, terrified by a diet of Captain Planet and environmentalist celebrities, I “did my part” to save the planet by [...]

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    New World Order Conspiracy Theories

    There are many theories that are circulating around and one tends to wonder if they are real. Some of the events that happen and are [...]

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    5 Myths about Green and Organic Labeling

    You strive to keep your home as toxic free as possible. Buying organic food, growing your own seasonal produce, and creating a chemical free environment [...]

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    Mid-life Crisis – the problem may be worse than a new car

    Not many women actually have a mid-life crisis. Instead we get peri-menopause and later the joys of menopause – hot flashes, irregular periods, night sweats, [...]

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    False Flags and Civil Liberties: Keeping the Right Perspective

    Ever since 9/11, the internet has been full of conspiracy theories claiming that this or that terrorist attack was really a “false flag” event. This [...]

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    Maqui Berry

    Maqui Berry is a fruit which is known to be packed with large amounts of powerful antioxidants which no other fruit in the world is [...]